Imagine being part of the world’s largest water & theme park resort… now you can at Mt. Olympus. We offer a variety of job roles that span across the different worlds of Mt. Olympus so you can find the perfect fit and be part of our Olympian adventure.

At Mt. Olympus Water & Theme Park Resort, we value each and every one of our employees, take great pride in our offerings, and are honored to be part of the Wisconsin Dells community. We’re not just a family destination – we’re a family.

Do you have what it takes to become an Olympian? If so, please explore our options below and apply today.


If you’re looking for a role that offers adventure and excitement, you’ve found the right place in the Dells. Our water & theme park teams handle everything from waterslide spills to rollercoaster thrills. Join the team at Mt. Olympus and partake in all the adventure Zeus, Medusa, Poseidon and the Parthenon have to offer.


Our welcoming and unique resort options make us a Wisconsin Dells favorite. Be part of the team that helps create dynamic accommodations and out-of-this-world service at Mt. Olympus Hotel Rome, Mt. Olympus Village, or Mt. Olympus Camp Resort.



Experience the Dells’ very own White House, upside-down! As part of the Mt. Olympus family, Top Secret is the one of the top visited adventure houses in the area. Join the team at Top Secret and spend your days exploring its hidden treasures and guiding others through its secret passageways.


Mt. Olympus