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What a ride: Wooden roller coasters

Mt. Olympus has been known to do some incredible things with wooden roller coaster, but Hades 360 is in a whole new league! The first of its kind, Hades 360 is a wooden rollercoaster that goes upside down before plummeting into an underground tunnel. The engineering of this coaster was considered quite a feat, and those visiting the Dells aren't the only ones amazed. Relying heavily on concrete and steel, China does not use timber for construction so things built of wood are a rarity for them; especially something as impressive as Hades 360.

For more on the engineering and architecture specifics of Hades 360 check out this article.

The building of Hades 360 was as unique as the coaster itself and quite a sight to see! You can watch the magic of the engineering and architecture genius required to build Hades 360

Watch this clip of the first Hades 360 test run!

Looking for an epic water adventure? We’re ranked in the top 5!

A recent LA Times article ranked Mt. Olympus Park among the best water parks in the world.

Mt. Olympus is Growing! (While reducing our footprint!)

Now there are more places to stay and play free at Mt. Olympus Resort!


Wondering what a day it in life at Mt. Olympus is like? Read the in’s and out’s of her family’s experience at the World of Mt. Olympus as well as other Wisconsin adventures.


Mt. Olympus Water & Theme Park will make its on-screen debut at the Milwaukee Short Film Festival as the backdrop in the short film, Hurricane Bonnie.


Celebrate Halloween every Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Mt. Olympus Water & Theme Parks!

What To See, What To Skip In The Wisconsin Dells

Chicago Now rates Mt. Olympus the top attraction to visit when vacationing in the Wisconsin Dells and reviews which ones to skip.

Eight Must-Try Roller Coasters of 2013 ranks Mt. Olympus’ Hades 360° as one of the nation’s top roller coasters.

Wooden Coaster Adds First Barrel Roll

The American Society of Civil Engineers reviews the engineering details that went into creation the mechanical marvel of Hades 360°.

The Goddess Tyche Celebrates Arrival With A Sweepstakes

Tyche, the goddess of good fortune, has arrived at Mt. Olympus and invites all to join her Share&Win Sweepstakes.

The New Online World of Mt. Olympus

At the request of the Greek gods and goddesses, Mt. Olympus Resort launched an all new website.