Hades 360, worlds' first wooden upside down roller coaster in Wisconsin Dells at Mt. Olympus Theme Park

World's First Upside Down Wooden Rollercoaster!

We've been working for months now with the god of the netherworld to bring you HADES 360, the world's first upside-down, underground, wooden rollercoaster. We're so excited to announce the unleashing by Hades himself! Finally, Hades 360 is Here!

You won't have to wait any longer to experience the unique technological marvel that is Hades 360. Integrating the underground uniqueness of our Hades rollercoaster with a 360-degree upside-down loop, along with a 110-degree over-banked turn, Hades 360's state-of-the-art rollercoaster train will give you the feel of riding on a steel coaster.

    With its unique construction, Hades 360 has:

  • A 90 degree turn underground in complete darkness
  • A 110 degree over-banked turn
  • A staggering drop of 134 feet with an amazing drop angle of 65 degrees
  • Total length of 4,746 feet
  • A 162 foot incline to the top drop
  • A blazing speed of 70 mph

The Hades 360 transformation is guaranteed to exceed far beyond the expectations of any mere mortal.
So get ready... Hades on Wheels is Here!

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