Looking for an epic water adventure? We’re ranked in the top 5!

By Vector & Ink February 2, 2014

The LA Times, with its finger on the pulse of family fun, recently published a list of the top 14 water parks for 2014. Among the contenders: existing – or soon to be opened – water parks across the U.S. and around the world.

Proudly reining in the #4 spot is our own Mt. Olympus Water and Theme Park, home of Poseidon’s outdoor water park, boasting a wave pool with 9-foot swells, and our indoor Medusa’s water park, open for adventure year-round. Currently at 65,000-square-feet, plans to double Medusa’s size will make us the second largest indoor water park in the U.S. and an even more irresistible destination for year-round thrills.

Check out the full article by LA Times reporter, Brady MacDonald, here.

We’re thrilled to be right up there with water parks from around the globe. So thank you, LA Times, and save us a place at #1 in 2015!