Mt. Olympus Dazzles with 2nd Annual Custom Car Show!

By Vector & Ink March 29, 2016

Wisconsin Dells Auto Weekend Morphs to Blaze & Thunder for Yearly Event

BY: Eva M. Neterowicz


Mt. Olympus Theme Park and Water Park Resort, long known for its enormous presence on 160 acres of prime land in the Wisconsin Dells is now getting into the custom car show business in the only way it knows – BIG and BIGGER. Last year’s launch of its custom car show attracted over 10,000 people – not enough for owner Nick Laskaris, famous for Trump-like grand displays and first of a kind attractions. This year he is doubling down, throwing the gauntlet, and running the table during Automotion Weekend in the Dells with one of the largest custom car shows in the Midwest. But this is not just any old “walk around and browse” car exhibit. This promises to be the wildest custom car show ever to hit Wisconsin Dells.  We are talking about  nitro fusion, tailpipe–on-fire, wheel screeching, black smoke belching donut circles and front end pounding- up- and -down –on- the asphalt  type of show. All to the sound of DJ dance music.

Mark May 20 and 21, 2016 as the kick off of the 2nd Annual Mt. Olympus Custom Car Show. The show will feature an outrageous display of super stoked cars, burnouts, stunt  bikes, flamethrowers, fiery contrails, dyno competitions, and dancing air cars all professionally produced by one of the largest custom vehicle car shows in the country.  Laskaris is offering $10,000 in cash and prizes to the best presentations.

Visitors can also indulge in the collector exhibits, featuring rare and vintage cars including Laskaris’ own Lamborghini convertible, which last year was surrounded by security personnel.

The Dells’ famous Automotion Weekend is turning into reverberation nation as Mt. Olympus enters the ring with turned up sound, heat and action. Says Laskaris, “This is going to be one of the best car shows in the nation because it will also include the entire theme park and water park attractions.” Indeed, for the $10 admission price, the entire park is free for the day, including the record breaking Hades 360 roller coaster and Poseidon’s Rage Wave Pool with 9’ waves.

It’s a great way to start the summer. Just bring your spray bottle and ear plugs.


About the author:

Eva M. Neterowicz is the author of the books, The Tragedy of Tibet, and Tibet: The Endurance of a National Ideal and has been a member of the nationally recognized Washington Independent Writers organization and a contributing editor to several magazines. She has written numerous articles on the Wisconsin Dells.