Mt. Olympus is Growing! (While reducing our footprint!)

By Vector & Ink December 2, 2013

To satisfy demand for more overnight accommodations, Mt. Olympus is adding the New Concord Inn and Monaco Motel to our roster of lodging options. These additions will not only increase our room offerings to over 1,400…but also help reduce our environmental footprint when compared to the impact of building new facilities.

Refurbishment, which is slated to be complete by Memorial Day 2014, will create 60 new jobs for upkeep and management of the properties. Plans to update the rooms include:

  • New flooring
  • New paint
  • New furniture
  • New bedding
  • Remodled bathrooms

Once open to guests in May 2014, the New Concord Inn and Monaco Motel will be part of our Village of value accommodations located within a short distance of the Mt. Olympus Water & Theme Park, and as with all Mt. Olympus Resort options, registered overnight guests will receive free admission to the all Mt. Olympus Water & Theme Park attractions. Plus Free Skiing, Tubing, Snow Boarding, and VIP nightclub admission and drinks to Club WETT.

In addition to the New Concord Inn and Monaco Motel, the below properties have been purchased, remodeled and refurbished within the last two years. Now part of Mt. Olympus Villages, these properties give long-time fans of each an upgraded Dells experience with value they’ll continue to love. Mt. Olympus Resort hopes to continue it’s dream of updating the Wisconsin Dells ‘Strip’ and bring new life to these loved properties while avoiding the environmental impact of building new lodging options.

  • Treasure Island
  • Pleasant View Motel
  • Star Motor Inn
  • RainTree Resort
  • Luna Motel
  • 4 Seasons Motel
  • American World Resort
  • American World Campground
  • RiverWalk Hotel
  • Pine Dell Motel
  • Copa Cabana Resort