Mt. Olympus Opens Wisconsin Dells Wo-Zha-Wa Parade 2015!

By Vector & Ink September 17, 2015

        The Dells Annual Wo-Zha-Wa Fall Festival is this weekend and you don’t want to

miss it! For those of you who are not familiar with Wo-Zha-Wa, it’s a yearly Dells festival

celebrating the beginning of Fall. Each year, the Dells celebrates the 3 day Festival with

Carnival Rides, Maxwell Street Days, an Arts & Crafts Fair, an Antique Flea Market,

Wo-Zha-Wa Run, and a Parade!

        This year, however, Mt. Olympus Resorts is proud to open the 100-unit parade

with their very own Skydivers. Taking place this Sunday, September 20th at 1:30pm in

Downtown Wisconsin Dells, this is a parade you don’t want to miss! As the parade

continues, your eyes will be drawn to a 40-foot tall balloon of the Greek God, Zeus! It’s

like a piece of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade is right here in Wisconsin Dells!

Whether coming to town for Wo-Zha-Wa Festival or a fall getaway, receive free

admission to Mt. Olympus Water & Theme Park when you spend your next Dells

getaway at Mt. Olympus Resorts.