By Vector & Ink October 21, 2013

In fact, we’re going to be featured in one!

On October 25th, Mt. Olympus Water & Theme Park will make its on-screen debut at the Milwaukee Short Film Festival as the backdrop in the comedy short film, Hurricane Bonnie.

The story, written, directed and produced by Linda Cieslik, follows two brothers coping with the death of their mother, Bonnie – or as she was fondly known, Hurricane Bonnie. To honor her memory, and her last request, they embark on a trip to her favorite Wisconsin Dells theme park, Adventure Land (played by us!).

Watch the movie clip to see if you recognize the wooden roller coaster, then visit to learn more about Linda Cieslik’s heartwarming comedy short film.

And, please support independent film! Get information about the Milwaukee Short Film Festival at Mt. Olympus Water & Theme Park thanks the crew for choosing us (and our wooden roller coaster) to be a part of their Wisconsin Dells themed film.