The New Online World of Mt. Olympus

By Vector & Ink April 9, 2014

At the request of the Greek gods and goddesses, Mt. Olympus Resort launched an all new website. Along with smarter navigation and booking speeds to rival Hermes himself, we’ve also updated everything you need to make planning your next park adventure fun and easy:

  • Virtually explore our four thrilling parks and three lodging options
  • Uncover details behind our heart-racing roller coasters and water slides with the thrill-meters and extended ride descriptions
  • Get the inside scoop on current promotions through our added Featured Deals page
  • View the 200 acres of Mt. Olympus through our new bird’s eye resort map

We’ve even updated our social media sites to help you follow us on Twitter, view clips on YouTube and explore our expanded Facebook and Google+ experience in Olympian style.