What To See, What To Skip In The Wisconsin Dells

By Vector & Ink August 25, 2013

There are tons of fun last minute activities you can still enjoy with your family in the Wisconsin Dells. There are countless lakes, beaches and outdoor family activities offered behind the cheddar curtain to our north. And when it comes to playgrounds, the Wisconsin Dells is the largest one available for all ages. Known as the waterpark capital of the world, the Dells has numerous waterpark offerings along with kitschy tourist attractions and stunning natural beauty. Over the past decade, the Dells has shifted focus from small outdoor parks to large resorts that offer lodging, good food and both indoor and outdoor waterparks. Here are five attractions you shouldn’t miss and five you can skip.

Don’t Miss Attractions:

Mount Olympus: The Mount Olympus resort has swallowed up most of the hotels and some big name attractions on the strip and has a sprawling outdoor waterpark along with both an outdoor and indoor amusement park. It is also home to a smaller indoor waterpark and numerous go-kart tracks. The park is huge, and the entrance is at the top of a hill which can make for a very exhausting day. However, Mount Olympus is one of those places you have to experience at least once.

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