Mt. Olympus Custom Car Show Classes

Show cars will be scored in the following categories for judging. There is 10 points possible in each category with a total of 100 points possible overall. If you want the prizes and recognition at the awards ceremony on Saturday at 6:30 p.m., you will need to go through the judging lanes Friday from 6-8 pm or Saturday from 9am-2pm.

  • Paint –  Quality of paint job, are there runs, dirt spots, orange peel, are there murals, graphics, are all jambs painted, is it candy, etc.
  • Body – Is there shaving, Frenching, suicide, body kit, dents, after market body parts, custom metal work.
  • Interior – Anything custom, fabrics, paint, fiberglass work, roll-cage, gauges, pedals, shifter.
  • Suspension/Underbody – Lowered, Hydro’s, air-ride, aftermarket suspension, strut-tower bars, sway bars, brakes, powder coating, chrome, etc.
  • Tires/Rims – do the rims match the car, style, size, off-set, quality of paint or powder coat on them, are they pitted or curb mark.
  • Engine – Paint, wire loomed, chromed, polished, built, turbo, supercharged, Nos, etc.
  • Stereo – If classic car does it work, amps, subs, tv’s, dvd, gaming systems, is equipment custom installed.
  • Trunk/Bed- Presentation… Is it restored or finished, is it custom?
  • Lights – Are lenses in good shape, restored, after market lights, neon’s, strobes, etc.
  • Overall – How well is it put together, quality of work overall, engineering, plan and execution, anything out of the ordinary?

Minimum requirements to be considered a show car are as follows …

And please note that due to the major interest in the show we are requiring this year that you must have 4 minor and 1 major modification to enter the show with your car. Unless it is a classic, special edition or exotic vehicle. The official at the gate will have the final say if your vehicle meets the requirements to get in.


Minor modifications include but not limited to

  • Partial engine, lowering kit, partial interior, after market brakes, striping, rims, stereo not custom installed, tint, grill, lights, etc.
  • 5 minor modifications equal 1 major modification


Major modifications include but not limited to …

  • Custom engine compartment, fully built motor
  • Complete custom paint or metal work, body kit, Frenching, suiciding, chopped, channeled
  • Hydraulics, Air-Ride
  • Full undercarriage, wrapped/ reinforced, smoothed frame,
  • Full interior, custom stereo install

If your car is borderline or does not have enough modification’s you may still be able to enter later on Saturday if there is room. 

You do not need a show car to enter in the burnout contest or the stereo competition.


Best Of Show

Best of show

People’s Choice

Nick’s Pick

Sweet’s Pick

StreetStyle Car Club Pick

Team Midwest King of the Dells

Best of Show Paint

Best of Show Interior

Best of Show Engine

Best of Show Hydraulics

Best of Show Rims

Best of Show Stereo

Best of Show Undercarriage


Best Of Class

Best of class Truck

Best of class Fullsize SUV / Van

Best of class Midsize SUV / Van

Best of class 4X4

Best of class Mini truck

Best of class Import 2-door

Best of class Import 4-door

Best of class Domestic 2-door

Best of class Domestic 4-door

Best of class Exotic

Best of class European

Best of class Old School Muscle car (pre1979)

Best of class New School Muscle car (1980 & newer)

Best of class Hot Rod

Best of class Rat Rod

Best of class Classic Car

Best of class Lowrider New School

Best of class Lowrider Old School

Best of class Lowrider Luxury

Best of class Lowrider G-body

Best of class Donk

Best of class Sport Bike

Best of class Traditional Motorcycle

Best of class Rat Rod Motorcycle

Best of class Special Interest

Best of class Young Riders (under 16)


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