Park Tickets for $20 at Mt. Olympus

This Promotion Has Expired

You read that correctly! $20 Park Tickets to Mt. Olympus Water Park & Theme Park, the Dells largest Theme Park & Waterpark Resort! We pride ourselves in offering family-friendly fun at a budget-friendly price. These tickets give you access to all four of our parks.

Outdoor Theme Park

The Outdoor Theme Park is full of roller coasters, including Hades 360 upside-down looping roller coaster, go-kart tracks, a petting zoo, and many other unique rides!

Outdoor Water Park

Includes many different waterslides, an Endless River, Tidal Wave, Poseidon’s Rage Wave Pool with 9-foot high waves, the Lost City of Atlantis Kids Play Area, and much more!

Indoor Theme Park

Features Lazer Tag, Bumper Cars, a Rock-Climbing Wall, Many Rides, an Alien Ball Pit, and even an arcade!

Indoor Waterpark

The Indoor Waterpark includes exhilarating body slides, tube slides, The Mayan Raging River, Warrior Swimming Pool, Hispaniola Bay kids play area, Sacred Well Whirlpool, and much more!


Throw your hands in the air as you ride down one of our 5 hair-raising roller coasters, including Hades 360! This coaster includes an upside-down 360-degree roll and a 65-degree drop! Take a cruise on one of our 8 go-kart tracks, or ride one of our 44 water and tubs slides! With waves up to 9 feet tall, Poseidon’s Rage Wave Pool is sure to excite the teens and adults of the group! Get your $20 tickets today, and visit the Largest Theme Park and Water Park within Wisconsin Dells, the Waterpark Capital of the World®!